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the weekly good.

pretty excited to announce that i’ll be doing a weekly piece on techcrunch called the “the weekly good.” basically, i’ll be grabbing and discussing all of the the ways people are helping others using the internet.

it’s the next level of social good, and i’m stoked that eric and alexia are behind me on doing it.

so that means if your company is doing something REAL and GENUINE for charities or your community, and not just to get attention (i’m good at figuring that out), then send it along to drew@techcrunch.com, you could be featured or mentioned.

every friday, the weekly good will hop at you starting NEXT WEEK. so submit, please.

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i can’t do this alone.

Today, a little girl passed away. Her family is from Philly. Cancer took her. Needless to say, I am angry.

Read it all here: https://plus.google.com/+DrewOlanoff/posts/SzHNLqBr9mG

You know the #BlameDrewsCancer story, so I won’t bother you with that. But I had a great team behind me on it in Philly. This time, I don’t have them, as I’m out in San Francisco.

I can’t do this alone this time. We need to make a stand. It’s not all about money, it’s about waking people up. Getting them to step outside of their own skin for 5 minutes, uplifting their hearts and showing them reality for 5 seconds.

I need your help. I can’t run myself into the ground, but If I have to I will.

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a definitive guide on how to save a life.

This is a guest post from Elizabeth Dawson on how our team helped save someone’s life. 3 years later…

Also, it’s my birthday, and I’m doing Twitter Tattoo Part 2. Please share.

Today, I found out the exciting news that one of the people we registered at Blame-a-thon was contacted as a potential life-saving bone marrow match.

Three years ago I held a bone marrow registry drive for DKMS Americas as part of the Blame Drew’s Cancer Blame-a-thon. I registered forty people, about half of them minorities, and raised approximately $200 for DKMS. While this was lower than my personal goal, I know that it only takes one match to make a difference. Most people who join the bone marrow registry are never contacted but new patients who need bone marrow join every day. So it’s important to keep registering new potential donors and making sure registrant contact information is up to date.


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nice people.

what’s the deal with “nice” people, anyways? why are they so nice?

i don’t get it. you know the types of people i’m talking about. they’re just nice and easy going, and it’s completely a cover up for something…right?

and helpful. they want to do things for you and they ask for nothing in return, but that has to be bullshit right? there’s always a hidden agenda. nobody is just nice. nobody does something for you or offers to help you unless they want something in return. am i right?

why do they want to help anyways? do they want to make me look bad? do they want to show that they can do something better? i bet they just want to push me aside. that’s it.

and when people are “too nice”, it’s ridiculous. you know. too nice, they LET people walk all over them and take advantage of them. how stupid is that of them? jeeze, get a clue nice person.

oh oh oh, here’s my favorite part. nice

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an open letter to @lancearmstrong and @livestrong. and a proposition.

dear lance and livestrong,

so you, lance armstrong, have stepped down as chairman of LIVESTRONG. the organization that you started many years ago when you were battling cancer.

why did you step away? because people are assholes. regardless of what you went through in your cycling career, you started an organization that, as i’m told by the organization itself and people i know, has helped many battle cancer.

that’s worth a lot. and it’s worth more than simply stepping down from a prominent position. but hey, that’s marketing and branding right? screw that, this is life. real life.

you said that you would remain involved. awesome. however, you holding that prominent position means something. a lot. nike be damned, advertisers be damned.

we, the cancer community, need you. we need you to live strong and stay.

here’s my proposition. it’s simple. and it’s real.

put me in as interim

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oprah rich.

i love movies. one of my favorite films is “zack and miri make a porno” by kevin smith.

one of my favorite lines from the movie is the concept of being “oprah rich”. i always took that to mean something other than money. it meant being happy and enabled to do the stuff you love.

you see, at the end of the day, you can’t take money with you when all is said and done. all you have is what you’ve done, who you’ve met, and the people you’ve inspired. that’s really what matters in life.

i wanna be oprah rich. i want to interview people and give presents to the audience. and be happy. you should too.

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this is the remix to remission.

i’m three years out of hodgkins lymphoma. i’m due for my three year checkup and i’m scared shitless. not because i think i have cancer again, but because i don’t want to know if i have cancer again.

people think that when i was done treatment, that was it. cancer gone, happy days. people thought they knew me and all they knew of me is what they read during my treatment. their support is something i’ll cherish forever. however, the judgmental people who think that i’ve somehow “changed” upsets me.

they didn’t know me before i had cancer. i’m the same person.

now just because i don’t get chemo pumped through my veins anymore doesn’t mean i haven’t had to live with cancer anymore. i’ve watched friends and friends of friends get diagnosed and it hurts. so bad. they have to deal with things i dealt with or will never deal with and i can’t do shit.

i try to be strong, i try to offer moral

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my thoughts on thoughts.

i love thoughts. all thoughts for the most part. unfortunately, people are afraid to share their thoughts in social settings or online because they fear “sounding stupid.” shit, i sound stupid all of the time and i don’t care.

all thoughts have a place. people who are bullies and don’t let folks get their thoughts out suck. that’s why i love commenting systems, twitter, facebook and the rest of the social sites that democratize thought sharing.

the worst position you can be in, in life - be it a relationship, job or whatever, is to be in a place where your thoughts aren’t valued and asked for.

your thoughts shape the future, so keep them coming.

thought it up motherfuckers.

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my iphone 5 review.

….doesn’t exist.

when i get an iphone 5, i will not review it, i will use it. so, sorry.

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the “customer is always right” isn’t necessarily something that i always subscribe to. however, the customer is the one paying the bills, so it’s smart to pay attention to them, no matter what business you’re in.

today, at&t basically gave me a heart attack: http://techcrunch.com/2012/09/13/dear-att-take-your-iphone-5-and-shove-it-up-your-a/

sure, i was mad…but what i was mad about was that at&t follows such ridiculous procedures, that it in no way makes the customer feel like a part of the “family.”

let’s be serious, we spend a lot of money on cell phones. we want them to work, reception be awesome, and have no problems. those are hard problems.

what’s not a hard problem is having procedures in place to make sure that a customer who wants to stick with your brand…can. that’s not what happened with at&t today. i had to work hard to be proactive to “right” their “wrong”. basically, i

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