an open letter to @lancearmstrong and @livestrong. and a proposition.

dear lance and livestrong,

so you, lance armstrong, have stepped down as chairman of LIVESTRONG. the organization that you started many years ago when you were battling cancer.

why did you step away? because people are assholes. regardless of what you went through in your cycling career, you started an organization that, as i’m told by the organization itself and people i know, has helped many battle cancer.

that’s worth a lot. and it’s worth more than simply stepping down from a prominent position. but hey, that’s marketing and branding right? screw that, this is life. real life.

you said that you would remain involved. awesome. however, you holding that prominent position means something. a lot. nike be damned, advertisers be damned.

we, the cancer community, need you. we need you to live strong and stay.

here’s my proposition. it’s simple. and it’s real.

put me in as interim chairman of livestrong. let me tell people how important you are to the organization in that role. then. after you give me some time, come back.

i’m not a cyclist or a runner. never will be probably. but it doesn’t matter. killing cancer does.

please consider this, i’m not kidding.


 blamecancer and LIVESTRONG


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