Traffic Ticket Lawyer NYC

Traffic ticket lawyer nyc

Traffic ticket lawyer nyc is a legal professional who practices the defense of individuals who have been charged with committing a traffic violation. This can include offenses like speeding or running a red light. There are many different ways a traffic ticket lawyer can help someone fight a conviction or have their charges dismissed. They can negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf and get a plea deal that is less damaging to their client’s driving record. They can also represent you in court if your case ends up going to trial and be an advocate on your behalf. Learn more

Some people choose to pay their traffic tickets and forget about them (well, until they receive their next car insurance bill). Others consider fighting their ticket themselves in court but this is a bold and often futile endeavor that will consume a lot of time and money with little chance of success. A traffic attorney who has experience representing drivers at the traffic court level will have existing relationships with prosecutors and judges and are better equipped to present their clients’ case in a more logical and persuasive manner.

The Expertise You Need: Hiring a NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer for Legal Peace of Mind

Most non-criminal traffic tickets issued in the five boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island) or Rochester are adjudicated by the Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violations Bureau and are handled by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). The ALJ decides guilt or innocence and sets a fine or punishment. A traffic lawyer can argue for a reduced or dropped fine and/or penalty points. If you are convicted of a speeding ticket, the Department of Motor Vehicles will put points on your license and, depending on your driving record, you could lose your driver’s license. Even out-of-state drivers, who are licensed in other states, can have their NY driving privileges suspended if they accumulate 11 points or three or more speeding or work zone speeding convictions within 18 months.