What is Promosm?


A person or thing that promotes something.
A type of advertising on tv or radio that encourages people to buy something.
A video that shows a product or service.
A piece of music or movie that is advertised on tv or radio.
A short video that is created to advertise a product or event.
A type of advertisement that is used on social media.
A piece of music or movie that promotes a product or event.
A short video that is created to attract attention and potential customers.
An advertisement that is placed on the internet, tv, or radio.

Promos in the Digital Age: Leveraging Technology for Success

A promotional film that is aired on television or radio to encourage people to purchase a product.

An informal term for a promotional presentation, such as a television or radio announcement or personal appearance.

The word promo comes from the Latin phrase Promons, meaning “to advance.” It is also known as a teaser, teddy bear, or ad spot.

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