Hide Comments Facebook – When to Hide Comments

When you hidden comments facebook it makes them invisible to anyone that doesn’t have a connection with the commenter. Hidden comments are still visible to the person who wrote it and their friends, but for everyone else the comment and all future replies that are nested under the original will be invisible. You can unhide a hidden comment by clicking on the small three dots next to it to open the menu and choosing the “Unhide comment” option.

How do you know if someone hides your posts on Facebook?

There are a few times when it’s better to hide a comment rather than delete it and ban the user from your page. If you delete a comment, the line of communication between your brand and the user is closed and they are likely to come back with more negativity later. However, hiding a comment lets you keep the lines of communication open.

A few examples of comments that should be hidden are spam replies to your ads, users who have a direct competitor in your industry and obvious internet trolls. Hiding these types of comments can help your business to avoid negative attention and also improve organic reach for your posts on the social media platform.