Secondary Glazing Kits

Having secondary glazing kits installed can dramatically cut your energy bills, create a more comfortable home, and reduce exterior noise. It can also make a significant difference to draughty rooms by adding an extra layer that stops air and cold from blowing in and out, thus reducing heat loss.

A great option for those wanting to tackle the DIY route, a secondary glazing kit is easy and cost effective to fit. They come with everything you need to transform your existing windows into a more efficient room.

Easy Upgrade: How Secondary Glazing Kits Enhance Comfort and Efficiency

You can choose between a number of different kits, each with their pros and cons. For example, you can opt for a film secondary glazing kit which involves sticking a transparent layer over your existing window. This can be quite cheap but it isn’t the most effective solution for heat insulation. It can also cause condensation problems and doesn’t improve window security.

Another option is to purchase a clear polycarbonate sheet and attach it to your existing window frame using a magnetic tape kit. The kit contains both the steel tape that is attached to the window and the magnetic tape that clips onto the polycarbonate panel. This is a more robust and cost-effective option than the film secondary glazing kits and can be used with 2-4mm acrylic, plate polycarbonate and glass.

Lastly, you can also get a uPVC track glide secondary glazing kit which is an easy-to-fit system for your existing sash or vertical sliding window. This is perfect for period properties as it will preserve the existing windows whilst boosting thermal efficiency and adding security.