The Best Online Puzzle Games For Brain Training

The Best Online Puzzle Games for Brain Training

While research doesn’t show that brain 우리카지노 can prevent cognitive decline, it does suggest they may help slow or delay it1. Puzzles can challenge your short-term memory and improve your ability to focus and plan2. For instance, jigsaw puzzles force you to consider the colors, shapes and other design cues in each piece, while Scrabble helps you dig deep into your vocabulary to find words you don’t use often. Crosswords can also help develop your attention and memory skills.

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You can also play chess online or on your mobile device, which is good for your problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking. Group logic games such as charades can help you engage your social networks and encourage teamwork and communication.

There are a lot of free puzzle apps that offer a quick fix of fun. Luminosity, for example, claims to provide a daily workout that strengthens your memory, concentration and problem-solving abilities. Their free game offers a few exercises per day and includes a virtual coach to keep you engaged.

Elevate is another popular app that offers a collection of brain-training games with an educational feel. You can customize each session to focus on specific areas of your cognition, such as reading, writing, math or speech. Its free game offers a few brain-training sessions per day and has thousands of five-star reviews. However, it does require a subscription to use the full collection of games.